Sensors & Sunset Switches

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Our Sensors can be used with almost any light fitting and are optioned so they can be installed either flush or surface. One of the most critical elements for energy saving is the ability to switch lighting On and Off only as required and all our sensors do just that. They can react intelligently to the presence or absence of people, and provide an efficient reduction of energy consumption. These sensors provide super equal sensitivity of detection from different directions and is offered with either 120 Degree or 360 degree detection angle to provide the ultimate in security.

An in-built on-time timer and daylight level controls prevent daytime operation while the motion sensor provides immediate opportunities for energy savings, automation and increased safety.

Available from IP20 to IP66, surface mount to flush mount, with or without manual override, we got all your sensor needs covered.

We also have Day and Night Switches (PE Cells) and Digital Timers available.

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Showing all 5 results